Vox Continental The Vox brand was also applied to Jennings’s electronic organs, most notably the Vox Continental of , whose distinctive trademark “wheedling” tone was immortalised by Alan Price on the Animals ‘ track ” House of the Rising Sun “. Peter Tork of the Monkees can be seen playing the unusual looking Vox organs several times during the Monkees TV series — Benmont Tench of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers has frequently used his vintage single Continental in the studio with the band since and still uses the instrument today. Jennings sold production rights for the Vox Continental organ to an Italian subsidiary of Thomas Organ in Under the new production agreement, the Continental was gradually and subtly altered in quality and sound, and reliability became questionable. For example, Ray Manzarek of The Doors had been using a Vox since , but could no longer trust it during performances because of the problems in quality after , and thus was forced to look elsewhere for an organ. He settled on the Gibson Kalamazoo , because it had a flat top like the Vox Continental, so it could accommodate the physical requirements of the Fender Rhodes Piano Bass, which was the bass instrument for The Doors in concert. John Lennon was given one in a bid to secure an endorsement, although this never happened. The PSU in turn has individual amplifier outputs for guitar and organ.

Dating a vox ac 30

About Guitars Buying a new guitar is a considerable investment for most of us. An instrument is all about inspiration. You are the musician and the guitar is the tool you use to express your feelings and music. This has nothing to do with what models you choose or how much they cost. Some basic knowledge about the different wood types, neck and body profiles, pickups etc will help you in making the best choice.

Feb 10,  · I’m trying to date my Vox AC30/6TB. Made in England. It says Vox Amplification LTD. on back panel. serial no. MB. loaded with Celestion Vox G12Ms stamped with code 06EJY/ I was told this is a ’70’s model. It appears to have Drake transformers with stickers on them that say which may be the price. It has a standby switch.

Is it even all that unique? A sample question and answer session will be followed a more detailed explanation. The amplifier is not an excellent example of Class A design. What about the tube rectifier, the GZ34? Not if you think about it for one minute. Yes, they certainly do. Those low powered speakers driven by an amplifier having preamp and output distortion yet no negative feedback make a tasty recipe!

Vox amPlug 2 AC30 – The Essence Of a Legend

If you’re not familiar with my site, it’s simple, and you’ll love it or hate it: It’s not a fancy site but it remains unchanged since ’98 and I firmly believe, “if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it. Just click on any underlined text and it should open a picture; if you move your cursor over the pic and there’s a magnifying glass displayed instead of your cursor, click the pic and it will expand it to larger size.

People are raving about these things as a way to recreate that vintage tape delay in a small stomp box. It does a cool chorusing thing that I really dig.

Made in China, produced from to In it was replaced with the AC30 Custom.

Tweet on Twitter Introduction That the Vox AC Twin is a great-sounding amplifier goes without saying, since it spent the past 40 years creating music for countless artists of varying stature and styles. References will be noted. As for the homegrown music scene at the time pre-British Invasion , things were pretty dismal in England. Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Gene Vincent, and other American rock and roll acts were revered there long after their popularity had begun to wane back home.

There are numerous stories of young, soon-to-be-famous musicians following Eddie Cochran from town to town. A Vox Amplifiers flyer from ca. All these amps featured TV-front cabinets housing single speakers. Was there an AC-2? Was there an AC-6? Was there an AC-4 with a TV-front cabinet? Readers with any of these should please write, send photos, etc.

An AC with two EL34s? First, the covering is a black fishnet pattern over creme leatherette, encasing a TV-front cabinet.

One more step

The Guide has grown from what was originally, many years ago now, a personal set of technical information that I developed to help me in the servicing of my first AC30, and many others along the way! There was not much in the way of such information available at that time, apart from some original and rather poorly printed schematics that I was able to obtain from Vox.

There were certainly no component layout drawings for the amplifier available, and so I decided to produce some of my own.

THE AC15CC1 AND AC15CC1X CUSTOM CLASSIC AMPS ( ) The VOX ACCC1 and AC15CC1X; The VOX ACCC1 – A Look “Under the Hood” The VOX ACCC1 Fawn Limited Edition.

Tweet on Twitter Photos by John Peden. That figure might be a slight exaggeration, but Metheny was dedicated he says obsessed enough to impress Dr. The professor offered the year-old a teaching position. And his group — Metheny, keyboardist Lyle Mays, bassist Mark Egan, and drummer Danny Gotlieb — were as close to rock stars as any jazz combo of the past four decades. Metheny, born in August of , represented a truly new, unmistakable, individual voice in jazz guitar — on electric and acoustic, as well as being somewhat of a pioneer of the guitar synth.

Then there was The Orchestrion Project. I think all you can do is hope for the best, play the odds, and in the case of music be a real good listener.

Vox amPlug 2 AC30 – The Essence Of a Legend

Stephan was very happy to have it reproduced here, as he will get more exposure, and you will get something quite extraordinary. The secret is revealed! I hope you enjoy to read or even test it. I am very happy to publish my page on Rod’s page, that’s really nice from him, and if you have any questions, I will answer them soon.

To many, the most celebrated AC was the top boosted model manufactured by Vox under the original JMI ownership. Built like a tank, the JMI AC was hand wired on tag strips fastened to a sturdy steel and aluminum chassis.

I would love to meet Tom Petty. In fact, he would be in my top five list of celebrities that I’d like to meet. Tom also uses a Fender Bassman head quite a bit. Live, as I’m sure you know, him and Mike play through a whole stack of various vintage Vox and Fender amps, and the AC30s are always up there. Many folks mistake these tones as being the product of the Ricky When I saw them live, that’s how they played the riff.

Now what puzzles me is that on the recording, I’m pretty sure the signature riff is in one channel, indicating one guitar. Not only that, but it doesn’t necessarily sound like a Tele. At times it sounds like a strat such as during the bridge, but I’m thinking it’s a Ricky 6 string with toasters. I say that there’s no twelve string on that entire track.

Pat Metheny

One of the amps you’ll find in virtually all modeling applications or plug-ins is the Vox AC As a guitar amp, it was less than successful, and Jennings brought in old friend Dick Denney , a guitarist and electronics expert to help him design a better amp. The result was the AC

Dating Vox Amps Amplifiers This directory contains USENET articles Mic has saved about guitars, equipment, pickup, techniques, players, and so on.

To determine the proportion of plate and screen current, we can use the transfer characteristic curves. The solid black curves depict the plate current versus grid voltage for a screen voltage of volts upper curve and volts lower curve. The dashed curves show screen current. We’ve added a blue line to denote the DC grid bias voltage. The red line is cathode current. Curves for a volt screen aren’t shown but we can imagine that they would be in the vicinity of the green lines.

FYI: Vox AC30 Bass Amp in Dublin

Each channel is equipped with its own Volume control and the Top Boost channel offers highly interactive Treble and Bass tone controls. This powerful channel pairing provides an abundance of tone-crafting control, letting you dial in a classic sound that is all your own. Both channels rely on the Tone Cut and Volume controls in the Master section. The Tone Cut control operates in the power stage rather than the preamp stage, allowing an additional degree of tone-shaping. The Master Volume control works in conjunction with the individual volumes of each channel to create just the right degree of gain-staging.

The VOX AC30 has been an integral component of rock’n’roll since the ’s. Its peerless and unique sound continues to amaze and inspire players to this day. The AC30 OneTwelve (AC30S1) delivers the full-fledged experience of the classic AC30, but in a more stripped down and straightforward way.

Select your preferred way to display the comments and click “Save settings” to activate your changes. Hey Lee – thanks I was thinking about buying a extra cabinet – vox ad All together there would be 4 speakers two in the ac30 – and two in the ad on 8 ohms each. The ac30 has two 8 ohms serial connected speaker which gives 16 ohms alltogether. Hope this makes sense!? I am wondering how to connect the extra cabinet insuring that the total impedance for all four speakers is 16 ohms – otherwise the amp might be damaged.

And I shall remeber your tip about not disconnecting while the amp is turned on! Thanks again Henrik Re:

Vox (musical equipment)

Dating VOX products can be very difficult. VOX did not observe or utilize standard dating procedures nor does the serial numbers ,. Cosmetics and a niche for looking at Vox amps is the best way to date amps so far. It should be noted that Vox has made U. Hey guys, sorry to post off topic, but i think this thread will sink in a heartbeat on the amp forum. Anyways, Im trying to get a vox amp and found a.

Vintage Vox AC30 serial number N circa This amplifier was purchased from the original owner who had owned it from new, having purchased it himself from Frank Hessy’s Music Shop, Stanley Street Liverpool in early

First introduced in due to the growing demand for higher-wattage amplifiers, it became an iconic amplifier for British musicians and soon for others. The preamplifier also carried over the EF86 pentode in its “Normal” channel which, coupled with the AC30’s increased output over the AC , exposed a reliability issue. The high gain EF86 tube was susceptible to microphonics, or even failure, when exposed to the increased vibration present in this uprated amp.

This first generation of AC30s were housed in “TV-front” cabinets, much like the early to mid 50s tweed Fender amps. However, the Voxes sported a thin white covering “Rexine” with a small printed diamond pattern and larger diamond pattern grill cloth. Vox initially offered a 1X12″ version and subsequently introduced the 2X12″ AC30 Twin, which solved the volume problem at larger venues.

That Pedal Show – Our Guitars & Gear: Dan’s 1961 Vox AC30

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